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Elizabeth Ann is the first cloned black-footed ferret and first-ever cloned U.S. endangered species. Above, Elizabeth Ann at 68 days old. The feat marks the first time an endangered species in the U.S. has been cloned. Elizabeth Ann is the first cloned black-footed ferret and first-ever cloned U.S. endangered species. Above, Elizabeth Ann at 68 days old.(Image credit: USFWS National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center) Researchers have successfully cloned a highly endangered ferret species using cells that were frozen more than three decades ago, according to news reports. The adorable clone, named Elizabeth Ann, is a species of black-footed ferret , one of the most endangered mammals in North America, according to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature . Born on Dec. 10, 2020, Elizabeth Ann was created using cells from "Willa," a wild black-footed ferret who died and had her cells cryopreserved in 1988, according to a statement from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), which was involved in the cloning. The feat marks the first time an endangered species in the U.S. has been cloned, the statement said. Researchers hope Elizabeth Ann will help bring genetic diversity to the black-footed ferret population, which today is descended from just seven individual ferrets, making all living members of the species essentially half-siblings, according to The New York Times .  World of Animals Annual: $22.99 at Magazines Direct The animal kingdom is a fascinating, beautiful and complex world, but it faces an uncertain future. In the past few years, we’ve seen Japan resume whaling and scientists warn that the next decade could prove pivotal for the Earth’s environment and its inhabitants. This annual explores some of the threats faced by 25 of the world’s most endangered creatures and meets the animals that owe their continued existence to the vital Endangered Species Act of 1973 .  View Deal Elizabeth Ann at 50-days old. (Image credit: USFWS National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center) "It was a commitment to seeing this species survive that has led to the successful birth of Elizabeth Ann," Ryan Phelan, executive director of Revive & Restore, a conservation organization that was involved with the cloning, said in the statement. "To see her now thriving ushers in a new era for her species and for conservation-dependent species everywhere. She is a win for biodiversity and for genetic rescue."

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One after another, firefighters jumped -- and sometimes cannonballed -- into the water. They could feel the coldness of the water, Streetsboro Fire Capt. Kevin Grimm said from the shoreline, but the suits retain body heat very well. For around an hour, firefighters took turns playing victims and rescuers. Using ropes, ice awls, and flotation devices, they practiced what to do if someone were to accidentally fall into the water. Portage Parks District Public Engagement Manager Andrea Metzler said she was excited the fire department chose to practice at Trail Lake Park. The park is new, having just opened in November. Practicing rescue techniques not only familiarized firefighters with equipment, but also the layout of the new park. “I think we're just really excited that they're out here and that it's happening so early in this park’s life," Metzler said, "It's good for the public, it's good for the park district.” All of the fire department's training was organized in-house, Grimm said. Wednesday was actually the second day a shift had trained on the lake, Tuesday being the first. Streetsboro Fire Lt. Eric Moss, a certified diver, and member of the Portage County Water Rescue Team, acted as the instructor. Grimm said this type of training is done at least once every two years to make sure everyone in the department is familiar with how to use water rescue equipment. That way, they can proficiently help victims at scenes until the Portage County Water Rescue Team arrives. Another shift of Streetsboro firefighters will return to Trail Lake Park on Thursday to train as well. After that, a majority of the fire department's firefighters will be knowledgeable on how to use rescue equipment. "They can put the suits on, they can throw the ropes, they can pull people out, they can go in after them and help get them out," Grimm said. "But once a dive team gets there, then we're just the as the assistants unless you’re on the team itself.” No water rescues have been performed this winter, Grimm said. The last time crews were on the ice was last year for an animal rescue on Lake Rockwell. Metzler said the lake at Trail Lake Park is not available for winter sports like ice skating or ice fishing. The district does not consider ice to be predictably safe. Signage around the kayak launch indicates such.
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