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Chris Rowan, a Medical Director of Heart Failure at Renown Health , Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death not only worldwide, but also in Washoe County and Nevada. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it can happen to anyone at any age, Dr. Rowan says males are more susceptible than females, as well as older adults. Dr. Rowan added, “Lack of physical activity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, family history, smoking.” He says it’s critical to know the risk factors so you can take control of them, instead of letting them control you. “Minimize alcohol if you can, no drug use obviously, that’s one of the biggest problems of heart disease in Washoe County, get your cholesterol under control,” Dr. Rowan said. Eating right and physical activity are other simple ways to be heart-healthy. Dr. Rowan says getting enough steps in each day is the best form of exercise. “Good habits start early and there’s no reason why you can’t start today.” Dr. Chris Rowan, Medical Director of Heart Failure at Renown Health COVID-19 has had an impact on cardiovascular health. Although the pandemic may have people afraid to seek medical care, Dr. Rowan says it’s still important to do so. Dr. Rowan added, “The heart is very important. It’s the organ that’s going to keep you going for the rest of your life.” Taking care of your heart is something to take seriously all year round, which can allow you more time to spend with your loved ones. Renown Health is providing virtual visits for those who need assistance or care. You can find more information regarding heart disease and prevention from the American Heart Association .


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A licence applicant looks at traffic signs to prepare for a test. Some older people with permanent licences may need retesting. (Photo by Pattanapong Hirunard) According to the Department of Land Transport, there were about 12 million lifetime driving licences in the country as of 2003. This figure might not be accurate. Since 2004, the reported number of lifetime driving licences has been higher than that. Questions then arose if the Land Transport Department has updated its database to establish the exact number of licences in the country. To avoid ageism, we need to know if older drivers really cause more road accidents because of age-related health problems. According to the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, the number of road deaths are highest in the 15-24 and 50-80 age groups. Although the figures do not show correlations between ages and accidents, old age undeniably produces health problems that may affect driving ability. A study on driving licences system development by Kasetsart University has pointed out that declining health conditions can increase the risks of accidents. For example, sudden unconsciousness, muscle weakness, bone diseases, and disorders of the nervous system. Since older people are susceptible to these symptoms due to declining health, old age may indeed contribute to higher road accidents and casualties among drivers over 50. It is useful to take a look at other countries' measures for retesting senior drivers in their driver licensing systems. In the European Union, drivers are required to have a retest to ensure their driving ability when they reach a specified age. In Sweden, drivers must have a retest when they are 45 and again every 10 years after that. In France, the retest is mandatory when the drivers reach 60, and again every two or five years after that. Although Australia does not specify the age for a retest, it has special measures for drivers over 75, requiring them to have medical examinations to ensure they are in good health in accordance with state rules and regulations. They also need to have medical certificates showing they are fit to drive. Policies must be based on sound and comprehensive information.

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